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Fall Catalina festivals you need to taste

on August 26, 2018

Fall is Catalina festivals season. Art, film, Jazz and wine are just some of the many island festivals happening this autumn. While there may not be a food festival (yet!) here are just a few of things we’re looking forward to tasting at the festivals on Catalina Island.

A taste of art – One of our favorite festivals has always been the Catalina Festival of Art, this year set for Sept. 14 to 16. Who doesn’t love wandering along Crescent Avenue and checking out all the amazing artistic talent on display? All that shopping makes us hungry – and thirsty — so we stop in at Maggie’s Blue Rose or Bluewater Avalon for some eats and drinks.

A taste – or two – of wine – Luckily for some of our wine-loving team members (guilty) Catalina has two wine-focused festivals, the Women’s Forum Wine Festival, Sept. 15, and the Catalina Wine Mixer, Sept. 21-23. While the former is more focused on wine and the latter is a great excuse for a party, both offer plenty of chances to taste – and not just wine.

JazzTrax – Back in the day, Labor Day was the official end of the Catalina season. Once that final three-day weekend rolled around it was time to close up, clean up and clear out. These days, the season is year-round, but the unofficial defining line between “busy season” and “not-so-busy season” is October’s JazzTrax. The two-weekend smooth jazz fest always features several shows we can’t miss and an opportunity to experience the Catalina Casino in all its glory.

Looking for even more opportunities to “taste Catalina?” Whether you are here for a festival, here for a getaway or here because it’s home, the Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour provides the ideal opportunity to sink your teeth into Catalina culture and culinary creativity. Click here and get to tasting.

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