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3 Catalina secrets you need to know

on April 18, 2018

Three secrets you need to know about Avalon

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here for a lifetime or are visiting for the first time, Avalon is full of fascinating secrets you’ll never tire of learning. Here are just three Catalina secrets everyone needs to know.

Avalon has a Third Street, but no First Street, Second Street or Fourth Street. No one really knows why, but there’s only one numeral-named street in Avalon and it is Third Street. Running just two blocks, between Claressa and Catalina avenues, Third Street also has no homes or businesses that face it — so even though there’s a Third Street there are no addresses on it.

What Third Street does have is its own spice blend. The perfect rub for fish or chicken and a great little appetizer when mixed with some cream cheese, 3rd St. Spices pays homage to Avalon’s little street naming quirk while providing a delicious reminder of Avalon. Available at Catalina Coffee and Cookie Co., 3rd St. Spices can also be shipped, just send them an email and they’ll work out all the details.

3rd street spices

Even though it doesn’t have any addresses, 3rd Street does have its own spice blend.

Bonus secret: all the streets running perpendicular to the bay are avenues and all those running parallel to the bay are streets — except Crescent Avenue, which, just to confuse things even more, is unofficially called Front Street.

The Serpentine Wall has a serpent’s head. One of the many charming architectural features in Avalon is the Serpentine Wall, that white-washed divider between Crescent Avenue and the sand. Dotted with benches and unique tile accents, the wall is a unique component of this seaside village. The name is more than just a reflection of the wall’s shape, which snakes along the town’s iconic promenade.  There actually is a serpent’s head, complete with brick jaws and whimsical eyes. Located on the south side of the intersection of Crescent and Catalina avenues, the head of the serpentine wall is a popular spot for photos.

Avalon abounds with scenic overlooks and popular photo spots. One of the most popular is Three Palms, which overlooks Lovers Cove. The spectacular vista is well worth a stop for great photos of the Pacific and — on a clear day — the mainland across the channel. What you won’t find at Three Palms are palms. They were cut down as a prank decades ago. The name remains, even though the palms are long gone; Three Palms Arcade, located in the Metropole Market Place, is named as an homage to the spot.

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The serpentine wall is one of the Catalina sercrets

The serpentine wall under construction. Photo courtesy Catalina Island Museum Permanent Collection

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