Top Catalina restaurants include Bluewater Avalon

on June 20, 2016


One of the top seafood restaurants on Catalina Island is the Bluewater Avalon, located in a recently renovated building perched over Avalon Harbor. Bluewater opened in 2012 and quickly became a favorite of residents and visitors alike. Their menu includes a wide range of options – with several types of fresh fish available every day. Expansive views of Avalon Harbor, the Catalina Casino and the Avalon Pleasure Pier make dining at the Bluewater a not-to-be-missed Catalina Island vacation experience.

Sustainable seafood is a focus at the Bluewater Avalon, with locally caught swordfish a regular delicacy on the menu. The owners have their own swordfish boat that plies Southern Californian waters, utilizing a harpoon, the most sustainable way to catch the fast-moving predators. Bluewater’s ethics aren’t the only thing garnering high praise — the restaurant is regularly a favorite on the annual Taste Around of Avalon.

Bluewater Avalon is part of the Bluewater family – several additional restaurants are located on the mainland, including Redondo Beach, Coronado and Newport Beach. The Catalina Island Bluewater is a popular stop on our Taste of Catalina Food Tour. Tour attendees rave about the food and the location alike. To book your own food tour, visit our website. Bluewater Avalon is open daily for lunch and dinner. Happy hours start at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

top Catalina restaurants

Bluewater is one of the top Catalina restaurants


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