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Food Tours Around the World

on June 26, 2014

 Taste of Catalina Food Tours shares the top food tours that will be serving up culture & cuisine in Summer 2014

Looking for some excitement this summer?

Plan a food tour road trip!

Pinterest map of different food tours around the world

California State of Mind

California might be the best state for a food tour road trip (yes, we are absolutely biased).  Start in Palm Springs or Carlsbad, then wind your way towards the bite of California and hop on the Catalina Express to travel to Catalina Island.  Plan to spend a day or two on Catalina Island and make sure to take advantage of birthday specials if you will be visiting on your special day.  This is the best time of the year to tour around, visit with friends and family, and just take in the scenery.  Once you’ve relaxed a bit, hop back on the Express and take the scenic route up the coast.  There are food tours in nearly every city along Pacific Coast Highway and even past it – Santa Barbara, Carmel, San Francisco, Oakland, Healdsburg (check out their pins to get more info on each location).  There is no limit on the number of food tour experiences – new tours are popping up throughout the Golden State all of the time.

United States of Food Tours

You may find a food tour in your state (and if you are lucky, in your city) that you’ll love.  Nevada and Colorado boast of tours in Las Vegas & Vail.  The eastern half of the US is sprinkled with fantastic food tour companies just waiting to show you around.  Chicago and New York excel, of course, both in the number and variety of offerings.  Generally, any city that has a major attraction – an iconic building, a historical residence or a public point of interest – will have a food tour that will take you around the area and give you a great overview including lunch.  A food tour in your city is especially fun to take if you are interested in learning more about your own town’s history.  We love nothing better than when a local comes on tour with us and lets us know they learned something new about their hometown.

Foodies Worldwide

The food touring world thankfully does not stop at the borders of the United States.  Head north of the border to Calgary or south to Mexico City; cross the Atlantic to enjoy excursions in Lisbon or Sorrento.  There are fantastic food adventures in all of these locations and more, including Bangkok & Hong Kong.  Food tours are quickly becoming a common way to get an overview at the beginning of a trip to a new city.  They offer insights into dining locations & points of interest while their guides are able to provide suggestions in a small group setting that make you feel like a new friend instead of a tourist.

The Food Tour Perspective

The world is ready to share itself with you through food and culture.  So, how do you differentiate options?  We’ve lined up some tips:

  • Visit the tour company’s website and find them on social media.  Do a little bit of research before you go.  You may find reviews, tips & hints and general information that will make your decision very easy for you.
  • Explore what kind of foodie you are.  Yes – there are different kinds.  You may be a more high-end (dare we say, high maintenance) foodie.  And that’s OK!  But when you go to choose an excursion, make sure their foodie tastes match your high end expectations.  You may be a more laid back (It’s edible?  Cool!) foodie.  And that’s OK!  However don’t be surprised if a high end food jaunt doesn’t match your relaxed expectations.  You might be looking for a recipe & skills sharing tour, but end up on an architectural and history tour.  There are tours out there to suit everyone’s needs and wants.  You may take a few different food trips before you find the type or style you think is best – that’s all part of the fun.
  • Be willing to try something new.  The menu will not be comprised of what you generally eat at home.  You may not even like the tastes, but you owe it to yourself to try them – at least a bite.  One of the best reviews we recently received was from Melissa F. of Paola, Kansas:  “We visited 6 restaurants and I was sufficiently full of wonderful food by the end of our tour. A few of the tastes I would have never ordered for myself but I ate every last bite! Because of this great experience I can’t wait to try more food tours in other cities.”
  • Expect to enjoy yourself.  No matter which tour you elect to take, just be ready to have a good time.  Each of these companies has put a large number of hours and a whole lot of heart into creating this experience for you.  The locations providing you food are part of the journey for a reason – to welcome, feed and entertain you!  Come ready to have fun and take it all in.  We’re curious, what location would you like to eat and drink your way through first?

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