Catalina for the first time

on July 6, 2016

Santa Catalina residents and frequent visitors are always amazed when they hear it, but as surprising as it is, it’s something heard rather frequently: “I’ve never been to Catalina Island.” Thankfully, with Catalina’s recent Renaissance, more and more first-time visitors are heeding Avalon’s siren song and heading to the island.

A first visit to Catalina Island is seldom a last visit – once experienced, Avalon’s charms and Catalina Island’s rugged beauty are irresistible. For more than 100 years, the seaside paradise of Avalon has been providing a vacation respite from the mainland, an ideal antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Arriving on Catalina Island, first-time visitors are embraced by Avalon’s charms and entranced by the unspoiled wilderness surrounding the city.

Catalina Island activities for first-time visitors are nearly immeasurable and are limited only by a vacationer’s imagination – and sense of adventure. On a first-time trip to Catalina, the best choice of activities will be ones that showcase the island and its amenities.

The Avalon Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour provides the ideal introduction to the island – combining an entertaining and informative tour with an overview of Catalina Island restaurants and dining opportunities. This three-hour palate-tempting tour is an appetizer for all that Avalon has to offer – both cultural and culinary.

Catalina food tour

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