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Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes from Catalina’s Cookbooks

on January 28, 2020

Sharing a taste of Catalina with you

We know the thought of planning for big sporting events can feel overwhelming. Imagine our excitement when we found that Catalina Cookbooks could provide some surprisingly tasty solutions to make your snack table inspirational. The team at Catalina Food Tours reviewed hundreds of recipes to bring you some of our top picks to try.

The Inspiration

On the back shelves of Avalon’s Public Library, you’ll find a wealth of Catalina history & culture – photo books, stories of our residents’ pasts, details about flora & fauna, and last but not least, a stack of Catalina Island Cookbooks. Most of them are spiral bound and were made as a means to fundraise for local clubs and foundations. In these cookbooks, you will find everything from family staples and camp classics to seafood specialities and restaurant-tested favorites. Our goal is to bring you some timely recipes to try from these books along with the restaurants on tour.

Featured recipes in this blog are from Catalina’s Really Cookin’ which was compiled by a handful of dedicated current and former residents of the island. While the book is no longer in print, many of the recipes are still shared by locals in town nearly 40 years after its publication.

The Recipes

This month we’ll start with some Super Bowl inspiration in the form of three awesome appetizers from some people and places you’ll likely recognize.

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe #1: Enchilada Chips

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe for Enchilada Chips

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe #2: Chili Con Queso

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe for Chili Con Queso

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe #3: Artichoke-Chili Cheese Dip

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipe for Artichoke-Chile Cheese Dip

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