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5 reasons a food tour is the perfect Catalina team-building activity

on March 15, 2019

Considering a trip to Catalina for team-building? With delicious food, a few cocktails and plenty of time for conversation, a Catalina food tour may just be the perfect thing to do for your group. Read on for more reasons why this popular tour is the perfect Catalina team-building activity.

Catalina Food Tours foster conversation: Food tours on Catalina are designed to get your team talking, both during the experience and afterwards. Our friendly local guides offer the ideal balance of knowledge, conversation starters and time for your team to talk among themselves.

Guests talking while team-building on Catalina

Catalina team-building activities should include time for your team to connect

Take some time to relax together: On a food tour, your team will have the chance to relax and unwind together, creating better cohesion and deepening the bonds between team members. Whether you are looking to launch a new concept, achieve your sales goals or reward your crew for a job well done, having the time together outside of the office and without work will increase moral and forge friendships.

talking guests on a Catalina Food Tour

There’s plenty of time for team bonding on the tour

Catalina Food Tours are flexible: Our food tours on Catalina Island are flexible. It doesn’t matter if your group is on the island as part of an off-site meeting or if you will be arranging a day trip with your team just to take the tour, we can make your experience one that your team will remember.

Team-building participants on a Catalina Food Tour.

A food tour is a great choice on a day-trip or part of a multi-day trip.

New tastes invite conversation: Everyone loves to talk about food and it’s an area where diversity of opinion is seldom found offensive. The Catalina restaurants we visit provide a number of different tastes, both familiar and exotic, all of which are sure to get your team talking.

tastes on the Catalina Food Tour

Some of the many tastes that can be arranged for a Catalina Food Tour team-building experience.

There’s liquid conversation lubrication: There’s nothing like a cocktail – or two – to break down the barriers between people and encourage conversation. If you choose a food tour — or our Catalina Happy Hour Tour — for your team-building activity on Catalina Island, you can customize the alcohol options, either adding an additional stop for an extra beverage or – if company protocol dictates – eliminate the alcohol altogether.

Cocktails on the Catalina Food Tour

Cocktails can be part of the fun when you choose a Catalina Food Tour for a team-building activity


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