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Show us your #CatalinaMugShot and win

on July 17, 2017

There’s something inspiring about the world’s most beautiful places.

Surrounded by wonders, it’s only natural to ponder your own place in the world and the impact you are having on the landscape around you.

At the Catalina Coffee and Cookie Co., we’ve decided that Catalina’s natural beauty is an inspiration to reduce our impact on the natural world. This unique environment has been protected, thanks to the Catalina Island Conservancy, but there are always ways that our footprint can be minimized.

We’re “going green” in several ways. We made the switch from plastic to paper bags almost two years ago.  We’ve embraced recycled and recyclable packaging — check out the new to-go packaging on our delicious frittatas. We’re supporting the City of Avalon’s efforts to encourage other restaurants to also use only recyclable packaging. And we’re encouraging our customers to do their part by bringing their own reusable mug for coffee or tea.

Because we provide food and beverage that is meant to be taken with you, we know that we impact our environment with every cup of coffee we sell.  We’ve recently switched to a more easily biodegradable full paper cup, but know that even using recyclable packaging for hot beverages contributes to a host of environmental problems. So we’re hoping you will make the choice with us…  It’s much better to find a mug you love and bring it with you to your favorite coffee spot – whether that’s here or on the mainland.

The Catalina Coffee and Cookie Company would like to invite you to show off your commitment to the environment by showing off your re-useable mug. Post your favorite “mug” shot on our Facebook page with the hashtag #CatalinaMugShot and you’ll be eligible to win your beverage of choice for that mug.  We’ll continue to choose weekly winners each Sunday through the end of July, so hit us with your best shot this month and you could be enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea on us.

As much fun as it is to win, the real winners will be all of us – any time we can reduce our impact on the earth it’s a good thing.

Catalina Mug Shot

Need a mug for your mug shot? Stop by, we’ve got a few.

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