Best Restaurants on Catalina for appetizers

on October 20, 2017

There’s just something about dining out on vacation. The new location, the new tastes and the relaxed atmosphere all play a role in transforming the simple act of eating into a memory-making experience.

There are so many wonderful restaurants on Catalina Island that choosing just one can be daunting. Luckily most of Catalina’s best restaurants have tempting appetizer menus – freeing you to sample several spots and call it dinner.

Here are our seven favorite restaurants on Catalina Island for appetizers.

Bluewater Avalon – Bluewater is our favorite spot for a working – or playing – happy hour and the appetizers are a big reason why. Calamari, poke, scallops and artichokes are our go-to menu choices, but there are plenty of other options to keep you going back.

Maggie’s Blue Rose – Everyone who’s taken the Catalina Happy Hour Tour raves about the street corn, but then there’s the crab empanadas and the duck taquitos. BRB, need to order a margarita.

Avalon Grille – We love sitting at the bar and having a cocktail and appetizers in this spot right in the center of town. Don’t miss the parmesan truffle fries and the crispy Brussels sprouts.

CC Gallaghers – The beer and wine list at CC Gallaghers is perfectly complimented by their menu of tapas, sushi and cheese plates. Try the Napa Sampler with an order of toasted baguette.

Steve’s Steakhouse and Seafood – Steve’s coconut shrimp are one of the faves on our Avalon Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour, but blackened ahi and the steamed artichoke are also delish.

The Lobster Trap – You’ve got to work hard NOT to have fun at this popular spot. Monkey balls (mushrooms stuffed with ahi and fried tempura style) and crab cakes are always yummy, but don’t forget the poke – ask for it Candy-style for a delicious twist.

Coyote Joes – Looking for something on the casual side? Sitting outside with drinks and sharing an order of Narly Nachos is an island tradition.

Restaurants on Catalina Island

The street corn at Maggies is one of the things that makes it one of the best restaurants on Catalina Island for appetizers

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