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Staying connected with Catalina Island

on April 29, 2020

This certainly hasn’t been the 2020 we were anticipating. Here on Catalina Island we were looking forward to a year filled with exploring new restaurants, taking new tour routes, trying new cocktails and, of course, tasting plenty of exciting new dishes.

But then COVID-19 changed everything for everyone.

We’re still looking forward to sharing new restaurants, routes and tastes, but we’ll need to do that later in 2020 than we thought. In the meanwhile, we wanted to share a few ways you can stay connected to your favorite island.

Follow social media. Starting with ours, of course. We’re active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You’ll also find a number of additional social media feeds brimming with interesting content from the island.

Explore the Catalina Island Museum. Although the actual Catalina Island Museum is, like most museums around the country, closed, you’ll find that behind the scenes museum staff have been busy on social media. The museum also offers an online store with a wealth of unique gifts and momentos.

Learn more at the Catalina Island Conservancy. Education is a part of the mission of the Conservancy, which is responsible for protecting nearly 90 percent of the island. Since the shutdown, the organization has expanded to offer distance learning with a range of science activities for kids as well as video resources for adults.

Join up. Both the Catalina Island Museum and the Catalina Island Conservancy offer annual memberships that both support the organization and offer a number of money-saving benefits.

Plan for the future. For most visitors, anticipation is part of the intrigue of travel. Day-dreaming and planning about a future trip build expectations. Explore all the Catalina things to do and create your ideal Catalina vacation.

Get a gift certificate. Even though the island is closed to visitors, you can still support island businesses by purchasing a gift certificate. The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce also offers certificates that can be used at any of their member businesses.

We can’t wait to get back on tour.

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