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What You Need to Know About Beachfront Dining on Catalina Island

on September 24, 2020

Like everything else, island restaurant service looks a bit different these days. Most Avalon restaurants have reopened, although they have pivoted to offering primarily to-go food, with one notable exception – beachfront dining on Catalina.

After encouragement from local restaurateurs, the Avalon City Council opened the city’s beaches to dining and a number of restaurants have taken advantage of the opportunity – much to the enthusiastic appreciation of hungry visitors and locals alike.

Catalina beach diners can enjoy dinner from Steve’s Steakhouse, Maggie’s Blue Rose, El Galleon, Luau Larry’s Coyote Joe’s, The M, Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret or NDMK, with tables scattered along South, Middle and Step beaches in the evenings. Lunch is also available on the beach, although from fewer Catalina restaurants.

beachfront dining on Catalina

Steve’s Steakhouse and Seafood was one of the first to offer beachfront dining on Catalina

Beach dining is in high demand and those who would like to enjoy it have learned that reservations are essential. Hard-working restaurant employees have made beachfront dining on Catalina more then memorable, with diners raving about the unique experience of enjoying fine dining with their toes in the sand. After the dinner shift, restaurateurs and their staff clean up the beach and stow their tables and chairs for the next shift.

Restaurants are also offering alcohol service, including beer, wine and cocktails, but keep in mind that Los Angeles County prohibitions on open containers still apply if you are not seated in a restaurant’s dedicated dining area. Open container violations can result in a $500 fine, making wandering off with a beer in hand a potentially expensive faux pas.

Mind the rules when you enjoy a cocktail on the beach on Catalina Island.

On-the-beach dining has been approved until the end of 2020, so book your Catalina vacation now if you’d like to enjoy this historic opportunity.

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