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Posted on January 11, 2018 |

Although the days when Catalina Island closed for the winter are long gone, there’s no denying that January is the antithesis of July as far as the sheer numbers of people on the island.

For those of us who live here as well as the visitors wise enough to plan an off-season visit to Catalina Island, January offers the perfect time to relax, reconnect and enjoy everything this vacation paradise has to offer. Here are the top three things we’re looking forward to this January.

Here are the top three things we’re looking forward to this January.

Dining out. Although some of our favorite spots have limited hours, we’re looking forward to taking advantage lighter crowds to enjoy our favorite diving spots. Steve’s Steakhouse and Seafood and Maggie’s Blue Rose will be closed until Jan. 18, so your craving for Shrimp Avalon and guava margaritas will have to wait until after then.

In its more than a century of history as a tourist destination, Catalina Island has seen some innovative efforts at promotion. From open ocean swim races with generous purses to Big Band radio shows broadcast across the country, marketing paradise was never dull. As art and design evolved over the last century, so too did the advertisements that sold Catalina to its mainland visitors.

The Catalina Island Museum’s newest exhibit, Destination Paradise: 100 Years of Catalina Advertising Design, explores the art created to entice visitors and showcase this seaside resort. On display until April 22, the exhibit includes painted signs, modern posters and the legendary work of Otis and Dorothy Shepard, whose artistic vision continues to be seen in Avalon today.

With its rugged terrain, untrammeled wilderness and spectacular scenery, Catalina Island has a well-deserved reputation for endurance events and every January is the most grueling on them all. The 50K/50 Mile Run challenges endurance athletes from around the country with a run from Avalon to Two Harbors and back. Limited to 12 hours, competitors will challenge themselves on their choice of two courses, a 50-mile run or a 50 K run on Jan. 20. While that level of athleticism is well beyond our skillset, we love to watch these world-class runners compete.

Vista on the windward side of Catalina Island

Catalina’s a great spot to work out your resolutions

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