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Welcome back to Catalina Island

on June 12, 2020

Welcome back to Catalina Island.

We’ve waited a long time to say that.

Months of uncertainty and weeks of waiting have brought us to this point, where we can finally invite visitors back to Catalina Island.

Will it be the same? Not exactly. We need everyone to wear masks and continue to social distance. Some restaurants are still closed and some activities have limited availability. There may be some adjustments in how events happen and what large gatherings look like going forward.

What hasn’t changed is the island. Catalina is still that magical retreat from reality that we all love. The waves still gently lap on the shore. Fabled memories still echo through the canyon. And the Casino still emerges from the distance, heralding your arrival in Avalon.

All of restaurants you’ve come to love are still here too. They’ve been here for the Avalon community through all of this. Right after the shutdown, they provided food for their employees and families, so no one went hungry. Those restaurants also made donations to the City of Avalon’s food pantry, where more than $130,000 in donations went to serving nearly 200 families at its peak. Even though business was restricted to residents, many restaurants also stayed open to serve us, providing a much needed break from cooking – and doing dishes.

At Catalina Food Tours we’ll be taking a few more weeks before we start operating our tours. Right now we’re working hard to make the adjustments needed to continue to share Avalon’s culture and culinary creativity. We hope that in mid-July you’ll join us in rediscovering Avalon on the newest iteration of our food tour.

In the meantime, welcome back. You’ll find plenty of things to do and even if all the restaurants aren’t open yet, many are – and are now offering dine-in service.

Catalina missed you and so did we.

Clouds over Avalon Harbor


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