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How to find the perfect Catalina bachelorette party activity

on September 28, 2019

With its island ambiance, convenient location and myriad activities, Catalina Island is the perfect destination to celebrate a friend’s upcoming nuptials. Catalina bachelorette parties can offer everything from decadent spa days to late-night revelry. Here’s a few ideas for things to do at your Catalina bachelorette party.

Private Happy Hour Tour

Getting together with few friends and sharing a couple of cocktails is the perfect way to kick off a Catalina bachelorette party weekend. While the bridesmaids will all have the bride in common, they may not all know each other, or know each other well. A private Catalina Happy Hour Tour lets you break the ice, have some fun and lubricate new friendships with a little alcohol. Taking about two hours, this party on the move takes you to five local watering holes, where you’ll sample specialty cocktails, play a few fun games and taste some delicious appetizers. While this tour is available to the general public, booking a private tour ensures that you’ll have an exclusive experience.

CHEERS! to the bride.

Private Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour

Another ideal Catalina bachelorette party activity is the Avalon Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour. This three-hour experience offers a focus on food and culture and visits six different locations. Tastes include appetizers, cocktails and dessert as well as a sampling of the island’s history. Like the Happy Hour Tour, this activity can be booked independently, but booking a private tour puts you in control as far as reservations and payment.

Spend some time bonding over food and drink.


Catalina Tours

Activities on Catalina Island can seem like a never-ending buffet of possibilities. Massages, ziplining, parasailing, hiking, golfing and kayaking are just a few of the many options for things to do during a Catalina bachelorette party weekend. If you are in charge of planning, it can get overwhelming. Reduce the stress factor and let the professionals help. offers friendly, local guides who can help you find activities that make everyone happy.

The possibilities for fun are endless



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