Catalina Buzz — January

on January 17, 2019

Winter’s generous rains have made puddle jumping and storm watching popular winter activities on Catalina, but they are far from the only thing to do on the island.

Sugarloaf on Catalina Island

There are just a few short weeks left to check out the fascinating art exhibit When Sugarloaf Stood at Catalina Island Museum. Before the Catalina Casino was built, Avalon Harbor was dominated by a massive rock known as Sugarloaf. This massive monolith stood for generations, defining the edge of the harbor. Intrepid travelers could climb a set of stairs to the top, about 50 feet above the sea and take in a spectacular view of Avalon. In 1929, the rock was dynamited to smithereens to make way for the Casino.

Featuring dozens of historic paintings, the museum’s exhibit showcases not only Sugarloaf, but also early Avalon history and the talent of the painters who interpreted it. While you’re at the museum, don’t miss checking out Peter Shire’s whimsical sculpture installation, which will also be departing in early February.

Honoring 100 years of Wrigley on Catalina

The Catalina Island Museum will be one of the first to commemorate the lasting influence of William Wrigley, Jr. who purchased the island 100 years ago. Wrigley’s Catalina: A Centennial Celebration opens Feb. 16 and focuses on the visionary’s first year of owning the island. Just the first of many celebrations of the centennial, the museum’s exhibit will feature photographs, blueprints, maps and other artifacts.

chart of owners of Catalina

William Wrigley bought the island 100 years ago

Seasonal closing on Catalina Island

A few of our favorite spots are closing intermittently in January for vacations and deep cleaning, but Ben’s Bakery in the Shops at the Atwater has closed permanently. If you’re looking for coffee, tea, treats and breakfast – all day long – our friends at Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co can hook you up. Customizable sandwiches, fabulous coffee drinks and crave-worthy cookies are all available daily starting at 5 a.m.

Speaking of those intermittent closings, the Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour will feature a slightly different route for a few weeks, as we visit other popular restaurants. Book your tour here and check it out.

Lobster trap on Catalina

The Lobster Trap is a favorite alternative stop.

New grocery store on Catalina Island

Love it or hate it, Catalina’s new Vons store is opening at the end of the month. Featuring much more shopping space and located in the center of town, the new store will consolidate the grocery shopping experience in Avalon.

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