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The best cocktails on Catalina Island

on November 30, 2017

It’s no secret that people consume more than a few cocktails on Catalina Island. With several dozen establishments serving adult beverages and several hundred thousand visitors looking for a good time – not to mention a few thousand locals who already know how to have a good time — the environment is perfect for a bit of grown-up fun. While your mileage may vary depending on your particular taste in cocktails, we’ve got a few favorites of our own that we’re happy to share.

Mojitos. With just the right balance of mint and rum, the mojitos at Bluewater Avalon are irresistible, especially on the deck overlooking Avalon Harbor. We like them so much that they are an alternative at this stop on the Catalina Happy Hour Tour.

Buffalo Milks. What’s a list of Catalina cocktails without a mention of this island favorite? We’ve been known to imbibe their deliciousness all over Avalon, but for a real island experience have one at Two Harbors, where they were first served back in the 70s.

Descanso Destroyer. You can’t go wrong with cocktails out at Descanso Beach, surrounded by palm trees and with your toes in the sand. The beach club’s signature cocktail is this deceptively delicious concoction.

Margaritas. There’s plenty of places to get a great margarita in Avalon, but we’re partial to the wide array of options at Maggie’s Blue Rose. Our favorite is the guava. Or maybe the coconut. No, definitely the guava. BRB, need to go taste test.

Wiki Wacker. We must confess that we don’t typically imbibe a Wiki Wacker ourselves, but this potent cocktail with its complimentary straw hat has been responsible for so many vacation shenanigans that we feel it deserves an honorary mention on our list of favorite cocktails. Stop by Luau Larry’s on your next trip to get one – along with a straw hat.

Still not sure which cocktail is your favorite? Join us on the Catalina Happy Hour Tour to expand your beverage horizons.

Skull shot glass with margarita taste on Catalina Food Tour

There are plenty of options for cocktails on Catalina.

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