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20 things to eat on Catalina in 2020

on January 27, 2020

Working around food on Catalina Island tends to make you hungry. So will reading our list of 20 things to eat on Catalina in 2020.

Fish tacos at NDMK: Avalon’s newest seafood spot has quickly garnered a reputation as a great place for sushi, but you also won’t want to miss their fish tacos.

Firecracker shrimp at El Galleon: This Avalon institution has recently renovated and revamped their menu. It’s all delicious, but the firecracker shrimp is crave-worthy.

Salmon dip at Toyon Grill: Toyon Grill’s emphasis on sustainability is unmatched and we love sitting outside enjoying their salmon dip with a glass of wine and good friends. The capers add the perfect dash of saltiness!

Bloody Mary on the Catalina Express: A decades-long favorite, the Bloody Marys on the Catalina Express are some of the best anywhere. Personally, we think it’s the green beans, but it could be the anticipation of getting where you’re going.

Mexican shrimp cocktail at Luau Larry’s: Why stop with a classic shrimp cocktail when you can kick it up several notches with avocado, salsa and cocktail sauce.

Monkey balls at Lobster Trap: What’s even better than tempura fried mushrooms? Tempura-fried mushrooms stuffed with ahi.

Impact mojito at Descanso Beach. This summer-time staple (at least for us) takes a mojito and makes it even better by blending it slushie style.

A decadent collection of retro candy from Lloyds. Lloyd’s of Avalon is filled to the brim with guilty pleasures, but one we indulge in regularly is all the candy by the pound. Go ahead and get some – your inner child will love you.

Chili cheese French fries from Coney Island: Speaking of guilty pleasures, let’s talk about Coney Island West. There’s plenty to love at this classic burger stand, especially the chili cheese fries. Ask for a extra season salt!

Queso fundido at Maggie’s: Maggie’s Blue Rose would make Austin proud with their classic queso. Have it with chorizo for extra kick.

Eclipse cookie atCatalina Coffee & Cookie Co.: So many cookies, so little time. We love them all, but one of our all-time faves is this chocolate concoction dipped with white chocolate.

Smoky fries from the Avalon Cove: Avalon’s newest eatery delivers with this yummy combination of French fries, gouda and smoked brisket.

Hibachi steak at Steve’s Steakhouse & Seafood: A favorite on our Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, the hibachi steak with carmelized onions and mushrooms regularly makes an appearance as a special, but it also quickly sells out, so get it while you can.

Clam chowder at Bluewater Avalon: Not surprisingly, there’s lot of yummy clam chowder to eat on Catalina, one of our favorites is served at Bluewater.

Memo’s margarita at Coyote Joe’s: Did someone say margaritas? We’re in! Especially if it’s the special one created by a certain bartender at Coyote Joe’s.

Poke Candi style at the Lobster Trap: Another favorite stop for poke in Avalon is the Lobster Trap, where ordering it Candi style will treat you to poke served over rice with a special sauce you won’t soon forget.

Dirty chai latte at Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co.: You won’t be surprised to learn that our favorite place for coffee on Catalina is Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co. Our favorite drinks are always changing; right now it’s a dirty chai latte, aka chai latte with an extra shot of espresso.

Overtown Brewery at NDMK: Brewed by former island residents and named for the locals’ word for the mainland, Overtown Brewery has a Catalina connection and can only be found here at NDMK. There are several tasty brews, including O’Ryan’s Red Ale.

Ribs from Toyon Grill: Sometimes dinner just needs to be ribs. And the baby back ribs from Toyon Grill can’t be beat.

Curried tomato soup at Steve’s Steakhouse & Seafood: Think you’ve had tomato soup? You haven’t. Not until you have this tomato soup.

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